About Us

Natty Garden opened in 2008, selling a small selection of plants, shrubs, soil and pots. As a Brooklyn-based plant store we try to incorporate the culture and style of the borough into our selection of plants and into our laid-back, yet cheerful attitude. Over the past nine years, our shop has tripled in space, and our selection has evolved to become a thoughtfully-edited and ever changing assortment of plants and materials for all of your gardening desires.


Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday/Sunday 9am-7pm





Landscaping Services

Natty Garden specializes in urban landscape and garden design, and will make custom wooden planters, boxes and decking to fit any space, from commercial buildings to residential rooftop decks to small container gardens. We would be pleased to help you envision your future garden space, as well as bring it to life.


Indoor Plants

We have a variety of indoor plants and trees, and we will help you find the perfect plant for your apartment or home. There is a large selection of pots — from ceramic to plastic to terra-cotta — and if you are hesitant to repot your plant on your own, we would be happy to show you how. Natty Garden also carries a full range of organic fertilizers and nutrients, in addition to hand tools and other gardening accessories.


Outdoor Plants

From fruit trees to ornamental shrubs, we offer a variety of annual and perennial plants for any size space or light condition. If there is something in particular that you would like that we don't have in stock, please let us know. Usually we can special order what you are looking for, or else we can help you find a nice alternative.


Soil, Mulch & Plant Care

We offer a variety of soil and mulch, which you can find in our store or purchase online.


Pottery & Planters

We carry a variety of pottery and planters for your plants.


Location & Hours

Natty Garden Inc

636 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238
United States

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am-7pm



Please call us (or send an email) for special orders, landscaping projects, or if you just have a question. We will deliver large quantities of soil — over 20 bags — and large purchases. Deliveries will usually be made after 7pm, or before 10am, although we will try to accommodate your schedule if possible. We can also coordinate a car service for you, upon your request, if you have purchased more than you you are able to carry home by yourself.





(718) 483-8833