We are a community
garden store.

We at Natty Garden wanted to create a garden store that was transformative and inspiring — for both the avid local gardener and those aspiring to have a green thumb…someday. We provide educational and friendly expertise paired together with healthy and beautiful plants, as well as the basic tools for you to set up your own urban green space, indoors or out, all year round.

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Commercial or residential, backyards to roof decks…we will work together with you to create a lush and low-maintenance green space that fits your personality, your needs and your specific environment. 

Our process is very straight-forward and can be broken down into four steps:

1 Vision
We will meet with you to assess your space, and to understand your vision, or develop one for you, if your prefer. 

2 Estimate
We will prepare an estimate for your approval and sign off. The estimate will also include an estimated time frame for the build-out. We always try to stay within 10% of the original estimate, but as plans evolve, sometimes so does the vision. If the estimate changes more than 10% of the original cost, we will provide you with an update estimate for approval before we continue further. Most projects require some percentage of costs upfront, for the materials. The upfront percentage depends on the complexity, and the physical size, of the project.





3 Build-out

Projects can take anywhere from one day to three weeks for building out, depending on their complexity, accessibility to the space itself, and the weather. Some things are not able to be done when it is raining (staining deck wood, for example) or if it is too cold, so we always need to factor in the unpredictability of the weather.

4 Completion
Once the project is completed, we require the remainder of the payment within 10 days. If there are any questions regarding the quality of work, or if any issues arise through out that season, please reach out and we will try to either fix the problem or help you trouble shoot what might be causing the issue.